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The mission statement of DYMOTEC is to be involved with the customers in the most flexible way and this with the competence of our employees.

In order to achieve this goal we are customizable, with a personal touch that guards our individuality to keep our employees motivated. The long term relationship that we aim is by applying our broad expertise as a partner and managing solutions for the customers.

The products and services are situated in microwave machine construction, engineering, industrial software and industrial cabinet construction. Each domain is mastered with a high degree of specialization. Nevertheless, they are often combined in total turn key projects.

The strength of DYMOTEC is the capability to master your needs at the right level. Both partial and total projects, both for design and installation as well as for service and maintenance.

Our project approach by example: Electrical automation within DYMOTEC can be split into several large groups. Obviously everything starts with engineering, together with the customer ideas, everything is guided into electrical diagrams. Quite early in this phase the software department is involved in the conversations. When the concept is established, the flow charts can be drawn as a basis for the actual program.

After approval by the customer the following steps will be executed, the panel construction and the preparation of installation work. Together we will find the right solution, taking your needs into account and the right balance between price and quality. You can expect from us a dynamic and structured approach, and a clear vision of the job.

Please visit our website or do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.